Great Gadget Monday


Monday’s are my longest day of the week.  I don’t get home until after 7:30 PM.  This means no time to cook.  I actually ate leftover stuffing from the chicken enchilada I made earlier in the week.  I rolled it in a warm piece of lavosh like a burrito.  It was quite yummy.  I had it with a nice hot cup of Indian Spice Chi.

Since I don’t normally cook on Mondays I thought I would share a great “gadget” with everyone.

These are the measuring spoons I bought at WW.  I absolutely love them.  It helps me scoop out the exact portion I need.  Especially when it comes to rice, because I love rice.  The largest spoon is a cup, the next is 1/2 a cup and the smallest one is 1/4 cup.  The 1/4 is great for dishing out the right amount of sauce.

I strongly recommend purchasing these spoons.  All WW centers and meeting locations sell them.  Pick one up today.

So tonight I leave you with these words of wisdom

“Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go.”


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    1. marbaird says:

      Thanks, it helps put things in perspective for me. I hope you like the blog…

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