Angel food cake kebobs


Happy Friday!  I mentioned that I had a few dessert recipes that I wanted to share with you.  Here is the first one.  It was a big hit with the fam, and would make a great dessert on any buffet table.  They are easily transportable for you to take to your next pot luck event.

Angel Food Cake Kebobs

1 kebob is 1 PP


  • Strawberries, hulled
  • Angel Food Cake, cut into squares
  • ¼ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tablespoon reduced fat margarine
  • wooden or steel skewers


Combine chocolate chips and margarine together in a small saucepan; melt over low heat, stirring until smooth and well blended.

Dip strawberries into melted chocolate and place upside down on plate.  Refrigerate about 15 minutes, until chocolate hardens.

Alternately thread 3 strawberries and 2 shortcake pieces onto each skewer.

Drizzle chocolate mixture over kebobs.  Refrigerate until set, about 5 minutes.

Chocolate and strawberries are a great combination any time of the year.

And now for tonight’s Netflix presentation “Conviction” with Hilary Swank.

Enjoy your weekend.  What do you have planned?

Make today the day you become the person you were born to be. ~ Paul V Harris 


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