Key Find of the week


I am definitely an amateur when it comes to decorating, which includes cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  But in my shopping adventures with the hubby, I came across this Cookie & Cupcake Decorating Set from Kuhn Rikon.   I figured for less than $15.00, I want to try the set.  It retails for $24.00.


I used the squeeze bottle to decorate my Meyer Lemon pancake cupcakes.


It even came with the cute spatula.


For the Meyer Lemon Pancake cupcakes recipe you can click here.  Now I know I have a long way to go in the decorating arena, but I am having fun trying.  I am going out in the blogosphere to find more lightened versions of desserts so I can practice decorating.

As far as my tracking is concerned, it has been sporadic.  I went to get on the treadmill today and lo and behold the iPod needed to be charged.  I did manage 1.3 miles before I got bored without my music.  I guess at least I went 1.3 miles.  Better than nothing.  If I could only  find a way to be better at tracking.  Any suggestions?


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