Catching Up



I have been busy these past couple of days preparing for our garage sale.  They are a lot of work, but the “stuff” has to move.  What we didn’t sell ended up going to Good Will.  So all in all, I guess it was a success.

I can’t possible forget to mention that I went to my WW meeting on Friday morning and am proud to report that I am down 1.6 lbs.  That was definitely good news.  It is always great to see my WW buddies at the meeting and my fearless leader who was on on top of her game, as usual.

OMG and then to top it off, I found out on Friday evening that I won two tickets to the SF Chefs 2011 Grand Tasting event on Union Square the first weekend in August.

I entered the contest through Pom Wonderful Facebook Page contest.  I will be writing about it on my blog, and yes, I will take lots of pictures.  Don’t worry,  I will be careful to stay within My WW weekly allowance! 

100% Pomegranate

And in between all this, my baby girl came down from So Cal for the weekend to attend a wedding.  Her and the BF will be coming to dinner tomorrow night.  I will post the recipes tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone 🙂


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